Chinese-European Partnership for Development is a society-to-society dialog process that bonds the Sino-European academic and business environments. CEPD is a three-phase project. It includes the conference on the topics of Sino-European business environment and economic interdependence, visit of the Chinese delegation in Europe and alternate visit of the Polish delegation in China. The very way we approach this project empowers future generations to create progressive change within the international society.



The 8th edition of the Chinese-European Conference on Partnership for Development makes an entrance into the new stage of comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation between Europe and China.


The conference workshops and panels will be organized around three main themes: money and finance with the emphasis on economic crisis in China and interdependence of markets, Sino-European business exchanges and institutional arrangements and Chinese culture and history.


CEPD Conference is an open space where diverse economic, business and cultural points of views can be expressed. We are not only creating the dialog, but we also build strong relations between Sino-European academic and business worlds.


We gathered one of the most experienced teams in Poland in organising such events with strong relations with many corporate and business partners, institutions and experts within Sino-European relations.


Warsaw School of Economics Students’ Union

Warsaw School of Economics

Hong Kong University of Technology

HKUST Students’ Union